A creative partner to Europe’s leading challengers, scaleups and major brands. 

Making high-impact strategies, evocative brand identities, unmissable campaigns and cut-through content. 

Shaping perceptions, decisions and behaviour for people and brands who want to do more than just move the needle.

It’s a slingshot state of mind.

Little Moons

Taking mochi to the masses

A day-to-day creative partner to the fastest-growing ice cream brand in the UK. Providing cutting-edge content made to scale for digital platforms, high-impact creative made to steal share of voice from the competition, and distinctive designs that reinforce the brand’s ethos across all touchpoints. 


Standing out in a crowded category

Ensuring Zapp was the only quick-commerce delivery brand worth downloading. Positioning the brand as offering instant gratification with a through-the-line multi-media breakthrough campaign. Providing scalable creative that cut through the category noise and cemented the brand as an essential part of consumers’ daily lives.

L'Oréal Group

Bringing a scaleup mindset to Europe’s biggest beauty brand

A digital creative partner to the L’Oréal Group making impactful work through free-thinking, tech-enabled creativity. Whether it’s producing unmissable content for Garnier UK, or devising platform-tailored digital campaigns for L’Oréal Paris, our work thrives across ever-changing digital landscapes.


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